Empowering Mentorships' mission is to bridge the gap between potential and achievement within minority communities by providing access to information needed to succeed at an early age. It is no secret that many underserved communities lack access to resources, education and opportunity that will provide success and financial freedom. Some of the most powerful ways to provide opportunity in the male minority population is through education on financial literacy, dress for success training and career path development & training. It is our goal to equip our students to take on new perspectives that empower them to make a difference in their communities and live purposeful lives.



Why we do what we do:

  • Only 33.5% of Black households owned stocks in 2019, according to data released recently by the Federal Reserve

  • The typical Black family has less than $13 in wealth for every $100 held by the typical white family. Lower rates of stock ownership are a small reason why.

  • Researchers say increased investment by racial minorities in the stock market, carried through future generations, could help narrow the wealth gap.

  • The difference in stock-ownership rates is one reason the typical white, non-Hispanic household had a net worth of $189,100 in 2019, versus $24,100 for the median Black household, according to the Fed survey.



This report displays the college-going rate (CGR) for all California public high school students who completed high school during the selected reporting year by Race/Ethnicity, Student Group, or across multiple academic years (Multi-Year report) for the selected reporting level (state, county, district, or school). This report provides both a count and a rate of high school completers who enrolled in a postsecondary institution of higher education (e.g., college or university) within 12 or 16 months of completing high school, based on available report filters.

Race / Ethnicity: African American

High School Completers: 1,714

High School Completers Enrolled In College: 1,083

College-Going Rate: 63.2%

Enrolled In College (In-State): 54.5%

Enrolled In College (Out-of-State): 8.7%

No Record of College Enrollment: 36.8%

# of Grads and Grads meeting UC/CSU Entrance Requirements By Ethnic Group: 

1,748 of 25300 African American Students


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